first post

Okay so it’s a little late—like 5 months late, but my friends convinced me I should start a blog, because I’ve been writing a lot recently and I’m overflowing the yak board. I’m not going to post all my old material because it’s way too much, but I will put up a couple recent yaks. I’ll post more here than on the yak board though, at least until we leave for the mountains.

In case you’ve missed the news so far: I’m in India, specifically in the city of Varanasi, also known as Banaras and Kashi. It’s located in Northern India and is a more “traditional” place than Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, etc. I am here on a program conceived and financed by my university, and run by a program partner in Varanasi. My group is comprised of four other students and our group leader. I’m here to do service work, to learn Hindi, to learn about different cultures, to grow personally, and hopefully to bring some intangibles back to my college to repay them for this amazing opportunity. I live and eat with a family here, work 40 + hours a week, take Hindi lessons, and try to explore Banaras and hang out with my friends in my free time.

Anne Lamott wrote an essay about the idea that 80% of anything—sincerity, compassion, etc—is enough, and the rest of the time you get to be yourself (I am  badly paraphrasing, but hopefully you understand). Anyway, my life here is so crazy, and 80% of the time I love it.

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