a note on bracelets

Before I left Banaras, we had a small ceremony where each of us tied simple bracelets around all the others wrists with a thought or little prayer. The green one from my group leader slipped of en route to the airport, but she retied it for me as we got out of the car. Throughout the afternoon and evening the cords were constantly coming loose and slipping off, and though I retied them the best I could, by the next morning only one bright orange thread was still hanging on.

When even that one finally gave up, I spread all five out on my bed and glared at them petulantly. I really wanted to have these bright bracelets—and the goodwill and comfort they carried—with me as a constant pick-me-up. But they were too slippery to stay tied on. .

With a little thought and more dexterity than I knew I had, I managed to braid them together at both ends, and I am happy to report that the resulting bracelet stays nicely on my wrist. Just one more analogy reminding that we really are stronger together.

Hope you all are doing well—I miss you a lot, but every time I look at my splash of color I think of you with a smile. Thanks.

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