The world today seems very close, as the integrated science exam looms in the very near future. This is the final which will count towards half of our grades this semester. The final for which we have studied for days, don’t know what else we could possibly study, and yet still feel drastically unprepared.

Today is also close on  campus, as at every meal and walking to my dorm I have run into various friends, even those who live across campus and I rarely see. Everyone is working towards their final exam, and we all share the feelings of anxiousness and excitement for it all to be done.

Close as memories of high school classes collided with my current courses when both an XKCD comic strip and the PCR song came up during studying.

Close as I can see the end of the weeks of homework and studying and exams finally almost here.

In case you haven’t seen it, the PCR song:

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