The Waiting Game

I am really, really bad at waiting. I don’t think of myself as a generally impatient person: years teaching children has taught me a decent degree of patience, which I’ve found to be really important. But just sitting and waiting for things to happen, to get started, to get going, drives me crazy.

Maybe you’ve already guessed: yes, we’ve been doing a fair bit of waiting. Waiting for all the materials to be collected, waiting for someone to teach us how to identify saplings, waiting for the permit to come in–all very legitimate reasons, but the result is that, despite the looming amount of work the project requires, our first couple days here have been quite slow. Fantastically, amazingly wonderful, but slow.

I’ve spent a lot of time doing little things in the office, like labeling tools with orange tape or setting up my blog, and some time exploring the area. I pester my grad student with questions all the time–I’m sure I would be driving her crazy if she was any less awesomely nice–and spend time trying to get to know other researches and staff so I can bug them with even more questions.

Tomorrow morning, though, with an early start at 7:30, we go out to search for saplings. Tomorrow morning, it’s time for field work.

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