Self-employed researcher on the loose

I’ve been working long hours this week, so by end of day Thursday I’d already clocked over forty hours, a good majority of them in the field. In this case, the field is absolutely gorgeous, but also quite hot without any shade, and I’m constantly moving around, hauling gear up and down slopes. So when I got up this morning with plans to go out for another full day, I was feeling pretty tired. And as I wished that I could switch my schedule around, I realized that I in fact could.

It was a pretty astounding thought. I’m in charge of my own schedule, and if I wanted to make today my “office day” for entering data, looking up rare plant species, etc and spend Saturday in the field, I can. Oh, the power.

Instead of running around in the sun today, I spent a few hours entering my data from the week (okay, the bulk of the day, but it’s a lot of data!), and I’ll run around in the sun tomorrow. I think the switch will actually help me be more productive on both days. My favorite part of it is that next week if I want to change back, or sleep in on Saturday and work on Sunday instead, or any other crazy combination, I can. The person who cares most about my work getting done is me, and in a wonderful coincidence, I am the only one responsible for getting it done. Which, from my perspective in the middle of all of it, is pretty awesome.

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