Castle Rock

A wonderful misty day at Castle Rock state park, with layers of mossy trees and rocks in the fog. The park is named for its rock formations, where wind and water have worn strangely organic holes into the caves. I had fun playing with my wide angle lens, and climbing on, over, and under rocks.

Treasures on the Shore

It’s no secret that Point Lobos is one of my favorite state parks. The same way that Yosemite calls me to the mountains, Point Lobos draws me back to the coast time after time for days of discovery and exploration. Busy tidepools. Vibrant sunsets. High surf days with 20-foot waves. Opportunities to play with new equipment and ideas.

This winter’s visit did not disappoint. A recent storm had washed all sorts of marine creatures onto the small beaches, decorating the shore with everything from glistening abalone shells to variegated sea weeds and even bleached white bones. Sea lion cubs played hide and seek with the waves, and we even caught a hint of a sunset before the clouds rolled in.