Reykjavik, Iceland: Fire


The next stop on our trip was Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. In our short time there we saw an incredible mix of natural wonders. This first set of photos is all related to geological activity, including hot springs and geysers, volcanic rock, and an above-ground section of the mid-Atlantic rift.

St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Scotland

The third stop of our trip was in Kirkwall, capitol of the Orkney Islands in the northern part of Scotland. In addition to the Renaissance-style Earl’s and Bishop’s Palaces, the town featured St Magnus’s cathedral, which was equally stunning inside and out. The cross-shaped cathedral was built with red stones which glowed against the green grass of the surrounding cemetery. The interior was dominated by two large stained glass windows on either side, with multiple stories of smaller glass pieces lining all the walls. The region’s Celtic and Nordic inheritance were evident in the cathedral’s architecture, including the details of the crosses, ironwork curls on the door, and even viking ships in the stained glass.