Past Snapshots: Pinnacles

My photo drive is full. I’ve hit the limit on multiple recent imports, and had to frantically reshuffle and delete a couple folders to finish getting all of the current days’ photos off my memory card. I therefore have a forced “opportunity” to purge thousands of old photos, which has resulted in some fussing and a lot of fun memories.

I decided to share quick posts of older pictures as I run into sets I particularly like, sometimes with a new pass at editing them. This first batch is from a trip to Pinnacles National Park in summer of 2010, back before it gained its park status! This has been one of my family’s favorite places to revisit throughout the years, and a fantastic place to learn photography through trail and error. I took these particular photos on my dad’s Nikon D200, and I especially loved the contrast of bright color and deep shadows in the caves. Almost ten years later, my photography style has changed somewhat, but I still really enjoyed the vividness of these shots.

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