Konstantin Basilika

Another of the Roman structures in Trier is Emperor Constantine’s basilica. Erected to be an immense throne room, the basilica is a single room over 200 feet long and eight stories tall. Since it’s original construction in the 4th century, it’s been damaged and rebuilt many times, including incorporation into both a medieval castle and a baroque palace. It was converted into a church at the end of the 19th century, sustained heavy damage in WWII, and most recently refurbished in the 1960s to match the original structure. Interestingly, some of the original Roman walls were the sections that survived the best through the bombing.

The size of the basilica is mind-boggling, and hard to capture with pictures. Each of the wooden squares in the ceiling is 10 ft x 10 ft—the size of a normal bedroom. The two organs are mounted high on the walls, and the arches and windows extend even further.

One thought on “Konstantin Basilika

  1. Hi C! That’s some camera you have. Powerful. Didn’t realise how overpoweringly large this Basilika is till I discovered tiny J in the foreground. Thank you for introducing me to these unbelievable man made wonders. Naana’s Naani would say on learning about such things “look at God’s nature!” One of her amazement at God’s nature were the train tracks 😉. Your spongy mind must be relishing all this worldwide data that you share with us. I love it. And when I go back to re enjoy it, really it is re enjoyable, because parts of it are foggy, and they get refocused again. Fun comes. Are you having a great experience? Love for J and you. Naani

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